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Dhow Trip - Prison Island to Mangapwani Beach




Giving you a taste of Zanzibar’s history and its immaculate beaches, this dhow trip is a full day excursion for the ultimate dhow experience.

Departing from Stone Town, the dhow sails to Prison Island, built by the Sultan to condemn rebellious slaves to isolation and later used as a quarantine station between trading ships and the main island of Zanzibar.

The Arabic house and prison ruins are still intact, but the island is now a sanctuary for Giant Tortoises some of which are over 100 years’ old.

After visiting the tortoises and snorkeling in the reefs of Prison Island, you’ll set sail again towards the coconut-fringed beach at Mangapwani.

The two-hour journey will take you past the historic waterfront of Stone Town, eventually anchoring on the beach where you depart for lunch at Mangapwani Beach Club and enjoy a barbecue extravaganza of seafood, tropical fruit and other Swahili specialties to tantalize your tongue. Taking time to relax on the beach after lunch, guests can then venture forth to explore the Mangapwani Slave Caves. Built from coral limestone, these caves were used to store slaves until the monsoon rains began and the merchant dhows came to take them from Zanzibar. After slavery was abolished, the cave was still used for to hide and smuggle slaves in an illicit trade that continued for years. From the Mangapwani slave caves you will be chauffeured back to your hotel.




• Suitable for individuals and groups

• Comfortable closed walking or hiking shoes and pants

• Sun hat and sun cream


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