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Zanzibar Coconut Tours



This is a special tour which will give visitors an opportunity to learn more about the cultivation and uses of coconut palms, one of Zanzibar’s most important crops. For fuel, housing, and food, the coconut palm is, without a doubt, the most important locally utilized crop of Zanzibar. Visit both nurseries and plantations of coconut palms and meet the local farmers who tend these trees while taking the chance to talk with them and discover the tools and methods of farming these amazing plants. Go to a local village to see how coconuts are harvested, de-husked, and dried, and how the leaves are used to create thatching for houses, or even hats and bags.  You will also have lunch in a local restaurant and learn the basics of cooking with coconuts in Zanzibar style. This tour is an opportunity to learn about a magical plant so often considered ordinary. With this tour you can see why it is not.

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